I am female and earn more money than my male partner. I think he has a problem with it.

Dear Aunty B,

I am a successful female entrepreneur and make more money than my partner.

I think he minds, but I am too afraid to ask. The one time I brought it up he changed the subject.

What do you think?

S Samson,
Byron Bay




You my dear, would be surprised. The 1950s breadwinner is dead – and long may he remain so.


I did a poll of 50 female entrepreneurs recently and found that most earned more money than their partners. Did their partners mind? Not one bit, they said.” He loves it” was a standard reply. And why not? All men at heart would love to sit back with their feet up and read the sports section before a round of golf in the afternoon.


And for the few women who said it was a problem? One said: “The more successful I became, the more threatened he became – and we are no longer married.”


A few months ago when there was all the fuss about Therese Rein giving up her business for Kevin Rudd, SmartCompany did a number of interviews with the shock jocks of Australia who then did talk back. The number of men who rang up to say they would love it if the wife earned more money, and that their dream was to be home dad, was astonishing – and unbelievable. (They had obviously never been home dads…)


So forget worrying about your husband’s ego and go out there and earn more money. The men of Australia will applaud you – and want to take you out.


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