I am not a fan of meetings. Why do I need more?

Dear Aunty B,


I am not a fan of meetings. But I was at the webinar yesterday with Verne Harnish on building teams and he sounds like he has a meeting fetish.

The last thing I want to do is introduce daily meetings. We have meetings once a fortnight which seem perfectly adequate. Why do we need more?


Alan M,
Potts Point



Dear Alan,

Good for you. You stick to your once a fortnight meeting. But Vern would ask you this question: What makes you think you are not heading somewhere you don’t want to go?

Certainty comes with routine, with rhythm and with daily and weekly meetings. Frequent meetings gives you a chance to reinforce core idealogies and give pats on the back.


The daily meetings don’t have to be long. In fact Vern recommends you don’t even sit down!


Here is his structure for the daily meeting.


Meeting structure
Good luck,
Your Aunty B.

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