I am on the washing up roster. Do I have to take my turn?

Aunty B,

We are a small office of 12 people and have a very open, friendly environment. I recently hired a new PA and he has included me on the washing up roster.


At first I thought it was a mistake but when I pointed it out he flamboyantly announced, so the whole office could hear, that the dishes were everyone’s business and many hands make light work.


I already get my own coffee in the morning. Do I have to do the dishes as well? (I did them yesterday and felt really cross.)

Southbank, Melbourne



Dear DJ,


Are you nuts? Of course you don’t have to do the dishes. What a chick thing to say.


Pull aside Mr Flamboyant right now and tell him you won’t be included on the roster going forward. Tell him there are a few other things you don’t do, like wash the tea towels and clean up after meetings.

Then tell him there are things that he doesn’t do (like pay the wages.) And that’s how offices work.


Then to really make your point, send him out to get your coffee. I predict you will have no future problems!


Your Aunty B


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