I bring my dog to work when it’s hot, but staff are complaining

Dear Aunty B,


You strike me as a wise old bird, so what’s your advice on this?

On hot days I bring my dog to work.

While most of my staff love the dog, there are a few animal haters who claim to be allergic to dogs and have asked me to leave the dog at home.

Should I listen to a few grumps when even strangers from other floors stop to pat my dog in the elevator?




Dear Angela,

You are quite deluded. Most staff pat your dog because you make them, not because they like it. It’s called sucking up to the boss.

Dogs poo and wee, make grotesque noises from smelly posteriors and yes, Angela, they do make lots of people sneeze and wheeze.

As you parade your pet around the office distracting everyone from their work, I am sure that most of them, while fawning on your animal, wish you would take said pet on a long, one way walk up a windy bush path. Office buildings and dogs don’t mix.

Leave your dog at home, especially if some staff are complaining.

Alternatively, move offices to a building that has a yard. That way your staff can choose to go out and visit your dog that is happily running around in the open air.


Good luck!

Your Aunty B.


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