I have stuffed up big time! How do I live with it?

Dear Aunty B,

I have just lost our firm a big contract though a stupid throwaway remark I said at a meeting.


The client says the comment made them reflect on the apparent “youth” of the management team and that given the current economic climate, we represented too great a risk.


I know I have stuffed up (I feel really bad) and I apologised to my team who had been working on the deal, but I also think it is a shallow reaction by the client.


What do you think?


Simon L,




Dear Simon,


You just got a wake up call, that’s what. Remember 101 of business? The client is always right, stupid.


So forget shallow. You made a comment that caused them to reflect on the depth and robustness of your management team. And it was shown wanting.


You need to act. We are in a more serious environment. Put on a suit and tie, clean your shoes and act appropriately. If you regularly shoot your mouth off, I suggest you avoid meetings with clients and do something else.


Maybe you need to build up or restructure your management team so you don’t present such an unacceptable risk.


The thing to do is to cop this on the chin. Then move on. As an entrepreneur – and a young one by the sound of it – you are never going to make all the right decisions all the time.


Good luck,

Your Aunty B

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