I’m struggling to fake the energy. What can I do?

Dear Aunty B,

I know that good leaders are supposed to be upbeat and energetic at all times, even when they don’t feel that way.

But lately, I’ve found the energy harder and harder to fake. The market’s tough, I’m bloody tired and I’ve got too much to do to worry about pretending things are sweetness and light.

What’s your advice? Do I just need to suck it up and be less grumpy?




Dear TI,

Don’t feel you are alone on this one. Every leader has times where they have to grit their teeth and smile when they just want to sulk. And in a tough market, it can be even harder to keep that positive energy going.

Your best weapon in the battle to stay positive? The office door.

If you arrive at work feeling grumpy after a sleepless night worrying about cashflow, breeze through the office pleasantly saying good morning to everyone, get inside your office, shut the door and sulk in private, if you need to.

While you’re in there, write a list of the big things that are annoying you and pick the staff members who are best placed to help. Then bring them in and work out some action plans. It’s much easier to be upbeat when you feel like you are taking action and moving forward.

And remember, no one expects you to be a robot, or even wants you to be one. Sometimes you will need to regroup and it’s very easy to do that behind a closed door.

Be smart,

Aunty B

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