I regret what I wrote but I can’t get my content off Google

Dear Aunty B,

I subscribed to a service of a big company (who shall remain nameless) and was so incensed at their service that I bagged them in a blog on my company’s site.

Now I want them as a client so I took the blog down. But when I did a search on my name to check, my comments came up on Google.

Do I kiss the client goodbye?

Richard S,
Kooyong, Vic



Dear Richard,

Well Google will tell you that once you remove the material from your site or blocks Google from including this page in its index, Google’s search results will automatically reflect this change the next time Google crawls your site. So there might be a short overlap with the content still up on Google even though it has been pulled down from your site.


But the folk from Google have just told me that if you need to get something down super quick, you can now submit your request on the webpage removal request tool.


From our experience Google is very quick getting back, which means you should probably be able to kiss this client hello pretty quickly.

Your Aunty B



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