I repeat: How do I get venture capital?

Aunty B,

You were very unhelpful the other day when I asked how to get venture capital.

I wrote: “I run a successful wholesale business but want to build a web portal for my niche, which I envisage would be a separate business with forums, directories and chat rooms and could easily make a lot of money.

“I don’t want to redirect finds from my business towards this and wondered about attracting venture capital as I estimate that I need about $5 million.

“How do I go about this?”

You did not answer my question.

How do I get money from a venture capitalist?

Glen M,


Dear Glen,

I have a treat for you. Watch this video:

How to raise money from VCs

Then tell me: Do you still want venture capital?


PS: Read our new contributor to Show me the Money blog on Monday: 10 lies entrepreneurs tell investors!

Your ever-lovin’
Aunty B.


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