I think he’s the one (but I am his boss). Do I go for it?

Hi Aunty B,


I know what you will say. But here goes. I am a woman in my late 30s and have resigned myself to being single. But there is a man in my office who I find very attractive. I think he also feels the same way. As far as I can tell he is single too, unless he is lying but I have no reason to think that.


I have worked with him for two years and I believe he could be “the one”. Until now I have avoided trips with him and any situation where we might be together.


But my resolve is wavering. So how do I handle this as I am his boss? I know I should not start something with him as it could cause all sots of problems. I also wouldn’t know how to start it.


Also what will people think? I am writing to you because this is a business issue first and I thought you might have some suggestions.


Anon please,



Dear Anon please,

Mmmmm. First of all let’s pretend you have consulted an anal retentive lawyer who has run through all the myriad of tricky legal issues that might occur if the whole thing goes pear shaped.

And then you are consulting me! Which leaves me free to say, go for it.

You’re both single. Who cares what anyone thinks. Stop being such a girl – and a good girl at that. Imagine this. You might start 10 new businesses. But what if he is the one? What if you never grab him in both hands so to speak and take a risk? What if this opportunity slips through your fingers?


As to how to start it, well we’re not talking rocket science. It’s Christmas and I am sure you will end up doing what everyone else does, which is drinking too much and finding somewhere to have a nice snog in a quiet corner.


Have a very happy Christmas!


Your Aunty B.

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