I’ve heard something at the Christmas party that I shouldn’t have. Do I tell?

Dear Aunty B,

I bet you are going to get lots of Christmas party confessions, so let me start the ball rolling.

I was in the toilets at our function when I overheard two people talking. I recognised one voice as belonging to a director, but I don’t know who the second person was.

Anyway, they were talking about my boss. And they were saying that he is going to get the chop early next year. They didn’t want to do it before Christmas, but by late January he’ll be gone.

Obviously they didn’t realise I was there, or they didn’t care. But now I am left with a dilemma: Do I tell my boss – and spoil his Christmas – or not?




Dear OH,

Ah, Christmas parties. If I can’t have some fun with these, I can never have any fun!

Poor you, OH. You are in quite the bind and it’s not even your fault. It sounds like you were quite the captive audience, although perhaps a well-placed “ahem” could have saved you from getting in as deep as you have.

You bosses have been quite indiscreet here and frankly they deserve everything they get. But I think you owe it to your employer to keep quiet.

You’ve heard confidential information and I’m sure your code of conduct or contract says that you have to protect such information.

Besides, there is a chance that their plans might change, or his circumstances might. They are doing the right thing by not ruining his Christmas and I don’t think you should either.

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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