I want the money but love my job. Help!

This article first appeared August 25, 2009.

Dear Aunty B,

I know it’s unusual, but I love getting up in the morning and going to work. But I have just got an offer out of the blue from a giant competitor for a lot more money.

I feel really bad because I know a job is not just about money but my company froze pay and it doesn’t look like I am going to get a pay rise this year either because things are still tough.

My problem is I feel guilty leaving my company in the lurch. We are partway through turning it around and I am a key player with good promotion opportunities. Also, the founders were fantastic to me when I went through some personal issues (my husband had cancer) several years ago.

I did a list and on one side was money and on the other side were lots of things. My husband’s health issues are also not quite resolved and I worry the large company may not be as flexible or supportive.

But I also know I will feel resentful that my hard work in the last few years is not being rewarded. What should I do?

A loyal reader,

Dear loyal reader,

Your bosses obviously don’t read Aunty B because if they did they would not have frozen pay. I have been warning bosses until I am blue in the face that freezing pay will come back and bite them in the bum. It happens every recession.

What you have to do is this. Take the offer to your current boss and ask her/him to counter offer. Explain your situation (ie. your resentment) and ask what is possible – not just this year but in the next when things are better.

You may be surprised how far they might go to keep you. I think their answer will answer your question.

Good luck,
Your Aunty B

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