I want to brand my product Australiana kitsch. It’s back, right?

Dear Aunty B,

I am planning a range of organic food products with an Australiana theme. My marketing manager claims it is kitsch. But Australiana kitsch is back. I have done a great design and am planning to export. I wondered if you had any advice on how to brand and market.

Margaret River, WA



Hi Dianne,


I have to confess that, as a patriot, I have left your query for the Australia Day weekend. But now I find myself in the insidious position of having to tell you what I loathe. I’ll start with Australian kitsch. Can’t bear it. I hate Ken Done design, woolly jumpers with koalas, silk ties with jumping kangeroos, thongs – and I even hate our flag (what an appalling design!). Is Australiana kitsch back, readers? I hope not.


Dianne, I am sure that after scouring Aunty B for weeks to see if I have bothered to answer, you are now extremely annoyed that I have. So the good news.


I assume you are manufacturing in Australia from products grown from our soil. All you need to do is to stress, through the branding and marketing, the freshness and the high quality of your brand. Put Australia in small print, at the bottom of the label.

We are no longer insecure. And we have a reputation for freshness and novelty worldwide. Be clever and do something really different. That’s Australian.


Your Aunty B.

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