I want to quit but feel like a loser

Dear Aunty B,


I have been running a business part time from home and have put a lot of money into it. But it looks like it is at least a year from making a profit.

My issue is I have just been offered a great job and I won’t have time to give my business the attention it deserves.

But I also feel like a loser if I quit.

I read SmartCompany every day and know it is also about perseverance and resilience.


What should I do?


Leonie S,



Dear Leonie S,


Well if you think I am going to lecture you on sticking to an unprofitable, part time venture, think again. You have made it perfectly clear where your heart lies – with your full time work. You have not even suggested quitting your job to go into your business full time.


Knowing when to quit is a sign of strength. So my advice to you is quit – and feel like a hero. Go and enjoy your full-time job. And when you start your next business, you will know a whole lot more.


Be smart.


Your Aunty B.

Aunty B - Your problems answered by SmartCompany's business bitch

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