I was a goose at the Christmas party. How do I live this down?

Dear Aunty B,

My head is throbbing, my mouth feels like sandpaper and the screen is swaying a little, but I feel I must get this email through for myself and for the thousands of workers who have made geese of themselves at a Christmas party.

I wasn’t an offensive goose, but I was a slightly tipsy one. A bit of terrible dancing, a few slightly slurred “I think you’re great” conversations with my managers and an accidently dropped glass.

And nothing says “look at the drunk” like a dropped glass.

Anyway, I’ve had a steady stream of people coming up to my desk this morning asking how my head feels and giving me that knowing “gee, you had a big night grin”. Even my managers have done it!

Do I need to repair any bridges here, Aunty? Will I be branded a goose from now until next Christmas?




Dear HO,

Aunty B had her Christmas party last night and has just eaten a restorative pink iced donut. She is now feeling human enough to answer your plea.

Look, you don’t need to worry. So you enjoyed yourself a touch too much? Doesn’t sound like you’ve done any harm and I’m sure your managers are happy to know that you like them and your job.

The dancing, the glass…well, that story may well attach to you for a while. My advice is just smile, laugh and change the subject. The best thing about the Christmas party is that the Christmas holidays happen shortly after.

A little tip though – next company function, have one or two drinks, a few waters and head home nice and early.

One big night at the Christmas party is a bit of fun. Getting a reputation as being a bit too excitable isn’t much fun at all.

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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