I was snubbed at a networking event. Help!

Dear Aunty B,

I just attended a networking event where I was snubbed and ignored.

First I walked into a room of grey suits, and it was simply impossible to break into groups so I stood there.

Then when I sat down at the table, and offered my business card to the man next to me, who took it but did not offer his own. Later he offered his business card to every other person on the table!

Then when the bowl came around for the door prize, he put in my card! (I didn’t win anything.)

Should I have ticked him off for his rudeness? Or should I work on ways to get noticed?



Dear LD,

When you walk into a room you are often advised by polite company to sidle up to a group, pick off one of the fringe dwellers and start a conversation. How boring.

Try this instead. It’s called aggressive networking, a technique that has been perfected by one of our bloggists Brendan Lewis.

You simply walk into a room and bowl up to the first group at hand and barge your way in. You shake hands all around like you are channeling Richard Branson, apologise for interrupting and then ask them what they are talking about.

Soon you will be chatting like old friends. Try either way. Most people are decent folk and welcome someone joining their group at a networking function.

As for the boof head that did not proffer his business card, yes you were snubbed. It is a common put down by arrogant nongs in business not to offer a business card.

So what should you have done? Call his snub. On offering your business card, wait while he reads it. Then look him in the eye and say “you forgot to give me yours”. If you still get no response, whip out your pen and tell him you will write down the details and ask for email and phone number.

That is if you still want to do business with him.

Good luck!
Your Aunty B.


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