I’m feeling old, do I need a business coach?

Dear Aunty B


I am here in a great little retail business in regional NSW (Port Macquarie area) that is growing faster than me!!!! I am just feeling old.


I need help! Is a business coach the answer? If so where do I find one?


Bennett Steel




Dear Feeling Old,


What on earth are you complaining about? I can picture it now, doors shut at 5 o’clock in time for a quick dip and stroll along Flyns Beach.


Well, your life could be like that, but instead you are DOING everything, aren’t you?

Forget a business coach. You can’t afford it.


Instead stick a closed sign on the door, then meet your friends, networks and suppliers for a latte and ask for their suggestions.


(Make that a tea – the last time I had a coffee in Port Macquarie they burnt the milk.)


Then work out how to get a junior and stop doing all those mundane boring jobs.


According to Aunty Colin – you have met Aunty Colin Benjamin, haven’t you – there are subsidies galore in this YEAR of the ELECTION for young people. And the Federal Government has a great resource: there are 65 small business field officers wandering Australia providing help for small business for free. I’ve met two of them, and thought they were gems in the Outback. They’ll tell you what subsidies you’re entitled to.


So lift you head above the steel for a minute and look to the future.


Hey, I am not a Melbourne tragic, but does anyone know a café in Port Macquarie that serves decent coffee?


Aunty B.


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