I’ve been attacked online. What do I do?

Dear Aunty B,

Everyone waxes lyrical about the advantages of the internet. But just in the last week I found a site that has basically been set up to discredit us.

I think it is either a competitor or a disgruntled employee, but two people have a long conversation about how ‘crap’ one of our software products is. What do I do?

Under Attack,
Port Melbourne, Vic




Dear Under Attack,


First off, is it true? Because you can’t hide on the world wide web. If it is honest criticism and on a credible site that people in your industry read, you may need to undertake a bit of soul searching. Could you see the criticism as a bit of free market research? Can you fix the problem and quickly?


Then hop onto the site yourself, admit to the problem and tell the world how you are responding. Restate your goal, which is to be the best software provider of XXX in the world. Direct people to have a look at some other products and watch your traffic go up!


If it is just a gung-ho anything goes, vicious attack by a competitor, think before you react.


Do a risk analysis. What is the purpose of the attack? Is it likely to damage the business and what is the longer term impact? Does it really matter? I have seen the most ridiculous legal battles rage between businesses over matters that in the end didn’t matter a jot.


If the material is damaging and malicious, go hard my friend. A legal letter sent to the owner of the web site should do the trick. Explain why the ‘content’ is wrong/malicious, demand that the offending comments be removed immediately or state that further action will be taken.


But remember, Under Attack, don’t take it personally. Shrug it off and get on with making great software.





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