If I work from home will they slack off?

Dear Aunty B,

I am at my wits’ end and want to start having Fridays off, working from home, which is something I have promised myself for the past five years.

The problem is, I am worried it will start a work from home culture. And I am also worried everyone will slack off.

But I feel so burnt out. And a holiday is out of the question.



Dear Lea,

First the holiday. A holiday is never out of the question. All bosses need to take a week off a quarter, the odd long weekend and then at least two weeks at Christmas. Yes, that is more than the average employee but we all know we take our laptops. And the Christmas break is the best time to work on business strategy!

So take a week off or at least a very long weekend.

Second, start off working from home every second Friday. That will ease you in. The world will not fall apart and your staff will get more work done without you bothering them with the big new idea every five seconds. Have a word in the ear of your second in charge and just make sure that for a few Fridays he/she keeps everyone focussed.

Third, you can do what we have attempted to do at SmartCompany. We try and have 4 o’clock Friday where everyone heads out the door an hour early. Never works and no one takes any notice of it working on into the evening. But hey, we try.

But always remember this Lea. Not burning out is a competitive advantage. You must last the distance!

Good luck,
Your Aunty B


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