My client has hired the employee from hell. Should I tell?

This article first appeared April 23, 2009.

Dear Aunty B,

Whatever happened to due diligence? There is a new person in my client’s office. For some reason the boss is the only person in our industry who doesn’t know she has a terrible track record – toxic actually.

Should I tell the client and risk their ego getting bruised, or should I let nature run its course?



Dear EG,

No. Keep your mouth shut. It is not your business.

The reason? Well, I’ll give you two. First, the client is unlikely to believe you. I have seen a similar situation where the boss, after being told that her new employee was a vicious gossip and bully, not only kept the employee but sacked the client who passed on the information. Fortunately “toxics” usually dig their own graves, so don’t dig yours next door.

Second reason? Now I don’t mean to be sexist, but I noted that you are a woman. What has gender got to do with it, I hear you say? Well, from one female to another, women often stick their noses in when they should mind their own business. What’s it to you that your client’s new employee is toxic? Business is full of toxic people. You want to go door knocking and let all the bosses know who is toxic on their staff?

Every time you get caught in a bitchy situation, lie down, close your eyes and think of the s-word. Strategy. Business strategy. Where is your business going? And how is it going to get there?
You’ll be too busy to think about who your client is hiring.

Good luck!
Your Aunty B

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