I’m confused. Should women go first?

Dear Aunty B,

I was just getting into a lift with my young staff member. I stepped back to let her go first and waved her forward. She then stepped back behind me and waved me forward. The lift was full so I ended up getting in and leaving her behind.

My mother always told me to let women go first. Has this changed? Or was she showing respect because I am her boss? What do I do next time I walk through a door with her?



Dear Geoff,

What a goose you are. Who knows why she waved you through ahead of her. Maybe she wanted to ditch you. Or she wanted to check her lippy before she met you again. Maybe she decided to take the stairs instead of getting into smelly sardine can with a bunch of businessmen with breakfast on their breath. Maybe she is a closet feminist who doesn’t shave under her arms. Who cares!

Don’t let young women scare you. They are exactly the same as the young women you used to spin around the dance floor in the 50s.

Letting a women go ahead of you is good manners. Someone has to go first and it may as well be a woman.

Good luck!

Your Aunty B.

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