Is it too late to get money, or will I look desperate?

Dear Aunty B,


We are a small online recruitment business with a well defined niche.

My board recommended that we take a capital injection about five months ago as we were undercapitalised, and I suggested we wait until next year as we had a number of changes to implement and an acquisition to bed down, which will add to the value.

But things slowed faster than I thought. Should I go to the market now or will I look desperate?

We can survive until next year.




Dear RB,

You’ve missed the boat I’m afraid. I know of several online recruitment businesses, and they are all looking for capital injections of several million dollars. If you go to the market now you will look desperate and it will distract you from keeping that revenue coming in the door.

You would be far better off to get the business into top shape and dress it up for an investor. Meanwhile network like mad.

Good luck,

Your Aunty B.



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