Is my general manager blokey or sexist?

Dear Aunty B


I am worried about my general manager. I have overheard him calling the women in the office “girlie” and “sweetie”. Yesterday he told a staff member that she dressed like a schoolgirl. He hires his mates and has set up structures so there are only men at meetings. But is he sexist or blokey? I don’t think I have grounds to dismiss him and it is so hard finding a general manager.




What a coincidence! I know exactly who you are talking about! In fact you just described my last general manager. Guess what happened when I finally bit the bullet and moved him on?


The team came and told me about other sexist things he had said and did. They told me how demoralised they were, how furious at being excluded from important meetings and that they saw no career prospects at my company because they didn’t have the appropriate body parts. One woman told me she was keeping a diary of comments he made and was thinking of taking action!


So listen, Unsure. Whether he is a sexist bloke – or a blokey sexist. – move him on.

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