Is my PR barking up the wrong tree?

Dear Aunty B,

I run a medium sized company and we recently listed. The share price has wobbled around a bit and we were getting a lot of calls so we hired a new PR company to control the message and help our marketing team. I instructed the PR just to filter out some of the more annoying requests for interviews as I have always been the face of the company.

But I have barely done an interview since. The PR company is putting out releases and quoting me speaking mumbo jumbo management crap. When I told them that I never spoke that way I was told that I didn’t get the “media” and was basically told to grow up!!

Aunty B, you seem quite media savvy. Is my PR barking up the wrong tree? Should I sack her and her team and rely on my marketing team who are overstretched but have done a good job up to now?

Oh and Happy Christmas!

Geoff H,



Dear Geoff,

Happy Christmas to you and yours!! Yes. Your PR is not only barking up the wrong tree, your PR is barking mad. You, my friend, are a PR’s dream. An entrepreneur who talks to the media about their company is gold. One who hates mumbo jumbo management crap is spun gold. One who can see through PR rubbish… words fail me.

The media not only scrutinises your company, but it is also a great educator, telling the market about your company and what it does. People would kill to have as much media attention as you describe.

Sack your PR but don’t put your marketing team under any more pressure. Spend your holiday asking around on the beach for a great PR firm. There are good ones about who know their job is to act as facilitator and to maximise your access to journalists. They would never distort your language or shield you from the media.


Happy Christmas to all my readers. Entrepreneurship is a tough game and it’s survival of the smartest. Together we have solved many problems this year. Thanks to Uncle Col, Dr Phil and others who have waded in to help out.

I am off to the beach. See you in your inbox on Jan 14.


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