It’s the shortest day and I’m tired of the grind. Should I quit?

Hi Aunty B,
This year was a real struggle. And I have just done my budget for next year which doesn’t look much better. I am sick of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark and not seeing my family. I am tired of the grind. Should I quit?

Scoresby, Victoria


Now listen up, Cheerless. Today is the shortest day of the year. From here on, the days get longer, brighter and (hopefully) warmer. (It is freezing in Melbourne today.)


This is not the time for a bit of self-pitying misery. You need to take a different approach. Remember all the reasons you started the business? Freedom, independence, more flexibility to pick up the kids? Right. Then make that happen. Have a walk in the winter sunshine and book a holiday with the kids.


Then organise a strategy meeting with your mentors and think of ways to grow. What a great time to be an entrepreneur. Online, new technology, search engine marketing, strategic alliances, advertising on websites… are you alert and awake to all these new opportunities? None of these cost much and can make a big difference to a business.


If all else fails, think of this. You are entrepreneurial, resilient, determined, opinionated, innovative and relentlessly optimistic (usually). As such you are virtually unemployable in a large company. (Read Banker of Last Retort for a reality check.)

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