Kevin’s in charge. Is it time to pull up stumps?

Dear Aunty B,

I voted Labor but I didn’t really want Kevin Rudd to get in: I just wanted to see the back of John Howard because climate change is already affecting our business and he (Howard) simply doesn’t get it.

But now we are stuck with Kevin and I am nervous as all-get-up about what might change. I have a number of businesses and we export a lot of produce. I have been considering moving some operations offshore.

Is this a good time to do so or should I wait until things settle down?

Graham D,



Get a grip Graham! True entrepreneurs know the politic side of the election is over. Now it is all about opportunity. You no doubt would know that the most successful entrepreneurs are not “necessity-entrepreneurs” but “opportunity-entrepreneurs”. These are entrepreneurs who watch society, demographics and regulations closely and when there is change, they jump in with new products and services.


Graham, as you so rightly point out, we are entering a period of huge change – both political, economically (think sub-prime) and environmentally. There will be winners and losers. And I reckon Graham, that you fancy yourself a winner.


So before you start to think of running offshore, tune into the changes and work out if they could work to your advantage. The Labor Government has just committed billions of dollars to help Australia change direction. And I am sure that a pragmatist like you can see your way to help.



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