Are you hindering the growth of your company?

I get calls from business leaders asking me to come and fix their people, but often it isn’t the people that need fixing. POLLYANNA LENKIC

Pollyanna Lenkic

By Pollyanna Lenkic

I often get calls from leaders in companies asking me to come and fix their people.

One of these conversations began like this: “I am having problems with my team, they just don’t listen. If only they would do it my way, all would be well”. 

Ummm, let’s look at that. (I have left out the adjectives that the manager had used to colour the conversation.)

I’ll share with you what I shared with him, my favourite Chinese proverb: “The fish rots from the head.”

Ultimately the success or failure of your company is down to you, as is the success or failure of whether your communication is understood. It took me a while to learn this when I had my business in London, and it was one of the most useful lessons that I have learnt.

As business owners you are passionate about your business and have definite ideas about how it needs to operate. That’s great, and it’s probably one of the factors that helps drive the success of your business. The question to ask is when does this hinder the growth and success of your company?

It’s important to take a step back on a regular basis and to examine your attitudes to your staff and your business. To take responsibility for the success and failures that may occur.

Take some time today, to do just that, go through this list of questions:

  • Am I approachable? Do my staff come to me regularly and offer new ideas on how to do things?
  • At our meetings whose voice is the loudest? Is it mine?
  • Do I give others the space to contribute?
  • Do I ever ask for support from my team or do I only offer support?
  • What support could I use and from whom?
  • Do I create a culture where my team can give me feedback?
  • What do I need feedback on?
  • What clues are around me that I am failing my team?
  • What clues are around me that I am supporting my team?
  • Where do most of the creative ideas for the business come from?
  • What is the biggest obstacle that stops you growing?
  • Ask there three trustworthy people in your business that will point out your blind spots?
  • What is the question I need to ask to get real and honest feedback?

Once you have answered these questions I invite you to review the answers and create an action plan. Also ask yourself:

  • What needs to change?
  • How will I do this?
  • When will I do this?


Pollyanna Lenkic is the founder of Perspectives Coaching, an Australian based coaching and training company. She is an experienced facilitator, certified coach and a certified practitioner of NLP. In 1990 she co-founded a specialist IT recruitment consultancy in London, which grew to employ 18 people and turnover £11 million ($27 million). This blog is about the mistakes she made and the lessons she learned building a business the first time round and how to do it better second time round. For more information go to


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