Don’t be rude: The right time to ask about pay when starting a new job

Job interviews are horribly fraught affairs, not least of all when you think the pay on offer is less than you are worth.

So when in the process should you bring up the delicate matter of your pay?

Simple. Do it after you’ve been offered a job but before you sign anything.

Doing it any earlier is presumptuous, and you’ll have little luck doing it later. Your interview, after all, is to learn about the company and to allow them to learn about you, not to quibble over details such as your salary.

No employer will assume they’ve got you on board until your name is on the dotted line. They’ll be in a mindset to make allowances and figure things out once they’ve decided you’re the one they want.  

What exactly should you say? Well, that’s the subject of tomorrow’s column.


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