Fast Lane: Why you should keep an eye on this year’s Hot 30

Fast Lane: Why you should keep an eye on this year’s Hot 30

We revealed the 2015 Hot 30 under 30 this morning and there’s a wealth of talent on this year’s list.

I don’t mean to brag, but the Hot 30 has been going for six years now and in that time we’ve managed to pick a few superstars at an early stage.

Back in 2009 the list included young guns like Ruslan Kogan, founder of

In 2010 some more familiar names pop up including Michael Rosenbaum, founder of Deals Direct and Jodie Fox, Michael Fox and Mike Knapp, founders of Shoes of Prey

I don’t need to tell you that those young guns are now leaders in their industries. 

This year’s list of the best and brightest entrepreneurs should be on your radar as well.

They’re hell bent on changing the world and the way we do business, like Aimee Marks, the founder of TOM Organics and Daniel Flynn, Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns, the founders of the Thankyou Group.

“The absolute first thing is just do it, 99% of the time there are so many amazing ideas out there but you just need to do it,” Marks says.

“You also have to be passionate about the purpose and the reason behind why you are doing what you are doing.” 

This year’s Hot 30 are busy hacking and disrupting your industry, like Nexba founders Troy Douglas and Drew Bilbe, who’ve taken on the multinational might of the beverage sector.

There’s plenty you can learn from their enthusiasm and willingness to ignore the rules and the naysayers.

But you’ll also want to keep an eye on them because they’re young, hungry and after your business and your clients.

If you’ve got an established business this is no time to rest on your laurels.

Instead take your time to check out the best and brightest of this new crop of entrepreneurs.

Soon, like me, you’ll be saying “I knew them before they were huge”. 

I’d also like to thank everyone who nominated for the Hot 30 under 30 this year. We had information on many fantastic entrepreneurs who I’m sure have big things ahead of them.

If you didn’t make the list this year, I hope you’ll be back bigger and better in 2016.


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