Keeping my feet on the ground has been central to being allowed to have my head in the air.


I have worried this week that people who read my ideas about the importance of imagination last week may have spent the week day dreaming and lost their focus!

(I am pleased to say that I actually met someone who is reading these blogs on a regular basis, thank you!)

I feel I need to clarify the imagination comments. I guess what I am saying is the best solution to growth, both personal and business, is to keep your feet on the ground and head in the air — in that way you make sure all the basics are working and yet you can still see a bigger picture.

If you have great systems, enthusiastic, competent people, an excellent product or service and a great marketing strategy, then you have the basics in place and it is possible to look for the next big thing.

I have just had a conversation with a friend of mine and I listened to her clear focus as she explained her goals for her future. At one stage in her life she had been close to the wire financially — at the end of her first marriage — I know many people who have been there, including myself.

What I heard her talking about was her commitment to financial success as a result of what she had experienced. She is totally focused now as a property developer on ensuring that she and her children have a secure financial future.

I clearly understood from her clarity and focus that she will achieve the results she wants — in fact I have no doubt about that — focus is very powerful and engaging.

I heard her speak in a very clear manner as if she had looked at the options and was making choices that were based on well-researched facts that were tightly attached to her goals.

It was as if she was in a helicopter looking down at her business life — seeing all the possibilities but sticking with the efforts where she could achieve her goals – this is what I mean by having focus.

It’s very edifying to have conversations with friends that have meaning and add value — every day we can learn something new — add that information to the tried and true, and you have the formula for success — keeping your feet on the ground, focus, but keep your head in the air.


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