Hey SME, you need to harden up

Hey SME, you need to harden up


Starting and running a small business is hard.

Harder than a corporate job. Harder than a lot of things in life. It takes a lot more work than people realise. And a lot more sweat.

And many, many, MANY more tears — if you don’t learn to toughen up. Too many small business owners expect people to want their product or service just because it’s good.  

The complaint “I contacted them, but never heard back” absolutely astounds me. It’s not another person’s job to make sure you get business!

It’s YOUR job to chase, chase, chase. Small business owners sometimes have the tendency to spend heir time bemoaning that things aren’t working: “I spend an entire day contacting all these people”

AND? Just the one day? How about doing that for three years straight and see how you progress.

Doing one letter box drop or one Facebook post isn’t enough. Going to one networking function and then sitting by the phone waiting for someone to call is an unrealistic — yet very common — mistake made by the small business owner.  

It’s sometimes a lot easier to complain than to do the work required.


So what DOES it take to make it?


1. Get tough, first things first

HARDEN UP. Stop complaining, no one cares that you aren’t getting any business


2. Do it 100% Whatever you do, do it properly

Having an Instagram account that you use once a day only for your product with little interaction with your followers won’t get you the results you need


3. Spread the news

Accept the fact at just because you have a good product or service doesn’t mean anyone cares — you need to show why they need it and get the word out


4. Stop complaining

Don’t go to networking functions and complain how business is tough. Who wants to do business with a struggling business?? Talk yourself up. Always.


5. Do your homework

There is plenty of content online to teach you what you need to know. Here are a few links of mine that will kick start your progress: How to use LinkedIn for business growth The secret to surviving meetings My ultimate branding tips How to be a great leader


6. Roll your sleeves up

Work harder than you are right now. Work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life. Running your own business doesn’t mean you work three hours a day, it means you work 15-18 hours a day, seven days a week to get things going. 


Amanda Rose is the only ‘strategic connector’ in Australia, a brand strategist, speaker, host of Amanda Rose TV, founder and CEO of The Business Woman Media. Quoted as an “internet winning blogger” by TIME.com. Follow Amanda on Twitter.


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