ISP turns green

Internet provider Internode has embraced “green power” by contracting to get 100% of its power from green sources.

Under the company’s new plan, all of the power used for its servers and data centres nationally will be provided with power from renewable sources.


Internode managing director Simon Hackett says the move is a huge step forward. 


“The purchase of 10% green power is significantly more expensive than the current market value of ‘post-emission’ carbon offsets. However we feel strongly that anywhere we can eliminate CO2 emissions at source is the best answer – for us, for our customers and for the world we live in,” Hackett says.


“We are a 100% carbon-neutral organisation,” Hackett says. “Our customers can feel confident that choosing Internode is materially reducing, rather than raising, their own personal carbon footprint through their use of our internet services.”


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