Kevin Rudd’s first 100 days

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One hundred days is a magical figure in business. There are courses on what chief executives should do in the first 100 days, and obviously Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has done one.

Today his office released a 55 page book detailing his Government’s achievements in its first 100 days.

“We were elected on the basis of providing new leadership for this country,” Rudd says.

“We said also we intend to be up-front with the Australian people, that means being up-front about the commitments we made prior to the election, up-front about our implementation of those commitments, up-front in our accountability to the Australian people about what progress we’ve made, and that’s why we’ve produced this document.”

Unfortunately there is no use looking for chapters called Developing Enterpreneurial Australia or Vision for an Innovative Nation. They don’t exist.


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