Too much information!

I’m bombarded by so much information I’ve worked out ways of filtering what I need to know. Here’s how.




I often speak to entrepreneurs who say they are overwhelmed with the amount of information they come across on “how to run their businesses more successfully”. They want to learn and grow, they often feel frustrated by the quantity of information that comes across their desk via their computer and print.


I agree. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by what I think I need to read and learn.


So in order to cope I have developed some systems to reduce the burden of information overload:


Here’s my strategy:

  • I go to talks only given by people who have succeeded in business or are clearly in the process of doing so!
  • I read information that has been recommended by a trusted source.
  • I like executive summaries that simply take the central points of the article/book.
  • I use Google to identify information/answers quickly.
  • I ask people who I believe may have the answers.
  • I attend functions where I can meet value-adding people and pinpoint those I wish to learn from.
  • I delete all emails that have no value-add. I must admit sometimes I need humorous ones, so they may at times get through the net!
  • I admit it if I don’t know something (it’s impossible to know everything!) but there is always someone who does know the answer.
  • I am prepared to ask successful people how they got there!
  • I file by subject any information that I think is helpful and delete the rest.
  • I take notes of anything that I hear that is valuable!


I also know there is often more than one way to get to where you want to go in life and business … and often the most successful way is the least conventional!

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