Celebrating my success

I’m just back from skiing in Aspen. Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s my little reward for working so hard the rest of the year.

From the Editor: We are lucky to have Marcia’s blog today. When SmartCompany sent her a reminder about it, she replied: “Jacqui, the blog may have to read ‘Skiing in Aspen!!!!’ I’m here for a few more days. I may have to email you over the weekend…” We thought she was joking, but then we got: “Jacqui, I was serious when I said my blog should read Skiing in Aspen!! This is what SME work to do.” Marcia finally came through for us. Here’s her blog.



You might ask what has this to do with business. Well, for the last 25 years I have chosen to spend two weeks skiing in Aspen — for very good personal and business reasons. So I thought I would share these with you.


I have just returned from 13 days on the slopes and it all remains very fresh in my mind. Skiing in Aspen has become for me a goal, a reward, a refresh, a challenge and fun, and the very reason success has always been important to me. Each year I take two out of the 52 weeks of the year to observe, enjoy and be active.


Aspen reminds me that being fit is one of my key goals. So I ski every day while I am there and this year I challenged myself further than ever before by skiing the Aspen Highlands Bowl. The bowl itself is very steep (the steepest pitch is 45 degrees), the steepest I have ever skied, but even more challenging than that is the hike up the mountain to the highest ski-off peak. It is a 45-minute walk on a shoulder so narrow that in parts it’s impossible to pass anyone and despite skiing for a long time, I remain fearful of heights. So you can imagine my fear for 45 minutes!!!


At the top the view is magnificent; at 12,300 feet you look out on the whole beauty of Colorado, sun shining and the only problem now is that you have to ski down!! It’s called “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Frankly, the snow was heavy and combined with the steep pitch really had my knees shaking, but what joy to get to the end!!! It’s like that business victory that has required high energy and self-belief.


Aspen is a reward. It’s expensive but worth the money. To me, being able to celebrate success is one of the great reasons for working hard.


Aspen is a really beautiful town, surrounded by mountains and full of historic buildings, it has great restaurants and bars and most importantly it’s full of people who go there for the reasons I mentioned. So one is surrounded by positive, motivated people who have taken risks to achieve.


Of course there are also some people known as Trustiferians, that is living off the family trust account, but I guess in the end even these have been funded by forefathers who have taken risks and worked hard!!


I get many reminders in Aspen about making the most of every day and having no regrets. Many of the skiers are more than 80 years old, a reminder that it is possible to live a long, fit happy and successful life.


Some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs choose Aspen for the reasons I do. I would like to think that your life and business life is of the Aspen kind!!!


Marcia Griffin’s current board roles include Australia’s largest printing and distribution company, PMP, and National Pharmacies, an Adelaide-based business with 58 pharmacies and 12 optical stores throughout South Australia and Victoria. She is also a chair with TEC (The Executive Connection).


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