Marketing can be the difference between a small and a big business

It doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of the marketing basics. You need to create an emotional attachment. MARCIA GRIFFIN

By Marcia Griffin

Marcia Griffin

During the week I had the pleasure of hearing Gary Bertwhistle of speak to a group on the subject of the fundamentals of marketing.

Great subject and great presentation. He put some very simple but profound insights to the group that I feel are worth sharing.

His definition of marketing is creating an emotional attachment between your target and your product.

The job of marketing is to make your target feel good about the product for a reason: price, fashion, coolness, value, trend, taste, functions and so on.

Marketing is a battle for the minds of the consumer. He had some great examples of success in this area — and a very simple model for developing your marketing.

Marketing Model

Target: who should you aim your message at?

Product: What are you marketing?

Position: What statement, phrase, word best describes the benefit of your product?

Promotion: How do you tell the target about the position of your product?

Many people in small business think that marketing is expensive and unnecessary. But it is the real soul of your business and without clarity around the above, it is unlikely that your business will grow.

I feel that the key to marketing is both smart thinking and clarity. All of us are capable of that if we know our product and service well and are convinced that we have something to offer.

We just then need to convince our target market!!

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