Naomi Simson and David Anderson. Source: Supplied

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

My biggest mistake: Naomi Simson and David Anderson, co-founders of Big Red Group

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien
4 minute Read

Even Naomi Simson makes mistakes in business. In fact, she says any entrepreneur who doesn’t admit to the odd slip up is lying. For her, failing to have a difficult conversation about governance in the very early days of RedBalloon came back to bite her.

Here’s what happened, and how Simson and Big Red Group co-founder David Anderson got the business back on course.

The mistake

Simson made her biggest mistake early on in her business journey, and only realised the gravity of it much later.

She failed to have a serious, robust and difficult conversation with her business partner, who also happened to be her husband at the time, about what would happen in the event that they separated.

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