Will your 2008 be more rewarding than 2007?

For all the resolutions people may have made, really it is the specific goals you can meet that make or break a year.


In January 2007 one of my closest friends died unexpectedly – in fact our last conversation was exactly a year ago. So the start to 2007 was an extremely sad one and consequently I did not spend the time to think and commit at the start of the year to what I wanted to achieve.


Yes it was an OK year – listen, eight billion people on the planet, and how few get to have the life we as Australians have, the sharemarket grew, the property market soared, I kept all my friends etc etc.


I do have a daily “attitude of gratitude”, but what I want to share with you and encourage you to do is look ahead this year with specific goals in mind – business and personal.


I am sure you don’t need to hear my detailed goals, but I can share this – I do want to have a year that ends with a greater feeling of satisfaction; a year that ends with a big pat on the back.


Last year I did not sit down and specifically challenge myself as to what I wanted to achieve. Consequently the year evolved and ended well but I felt unable to celebrate the success of achieving a clear vision of what I wanted to do.


I have spent a great deal of time encouraging others to set goals that are exciting, clear, challenging, written, measurable and achievable; so I am not proud to admit that 2007 did not bring all that I had hoped for.


In fact what had I hoped for? Hope is not a goal, hope is not a strategy! Hope is exactly that– clinging to a mere possibility.

So this year – in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, overlooking the amazing green and clear seas of the Whitsundays – I sat and thought and wrote my goals for the four critical parts of my life for 2008; physical, financial, emotional and spiritual (please ignore the order).


I already have a clear vision for the year, and am excited by the challenge, and strangely confident about the outcomes. I know I am going to be really pushed.


Yes I will have to learn a lot, yes I am going to be tired, yes I will be doing some things I have never done before – and some I have done before that were quite scary – but I feel excited about what I have set out to do. Do you?


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