Power Play: A pretty woman is a treasure but a witty one is powerful

A pretty woman is a treasure: a witty woman is a power.

I really dig this Power Play. What woman wouldn’t? We can argue for a decade the hurdles women face in the workplace but we can all agree that women are scarce in the top seats and on the top Boards.

Wit is a wonderful asset no matter what your gender but it is gold when the world thinks you trade only on your looks. Male or female, pretty is pretty terrific to be but having a sharp, ever-present wit is much, much better.

Power Players try to develop whatever wit they have. They know how powerful an asset it can be in the world and how we all gravitate toward people who are funny and feisty.

These people make the day go faster and they make problems feel less problematic. Simply being around them makes everything better. Work on the wit like any good Power Player does. It’s a wonderful asset to have and it never goes out of style. 


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