Power Play: A stretched mind is like pantyhose…

A stretched mind is pantyhose: it will never return to its original dimension. Strange analogy, maybe, but true all the same.

Power Players keep an open, expandable, malleable mind about absolutely everything. What good Power Players seek is a new and improved mind almost every day.

They don’t want their mind to stay its original shape and size: they want it to be challenged and stretched. That’s because it’s in the stretch that the really good stuff happens.

Power Players know how it feels to be in a room with a great and bendy mind and what it feels like to be in a room with a small, inflexible mind. Nine times out of 10 the great mind comes with a cape and tights – it’s the superhero can-do attitude brimming with optimism and good humour.

The concrete mind tends to come with a cloud of darkness, always looking for ways to say no. Take a close look at your mind. Is it pantyhose? Does it stretch with you when required, or is it immovable? You know the better of the two.


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