Power Play: Act like a small biz even in a big biz

Power Players know that size isn’t everything. It’s like those great big genetically engineered strawberries: huge but no flavour.

Take a leaf out of the Power Playbook from Players at the big end of town.

They might preside over a big business but they still roll like they work in a small business.

Terrible things happen when little businesses become big. They lose their gumption, their soul and their humour.

The world’s greatest Power Players (think Warren Buffett) might be huge but they still play the game like they work in a small business.

These include keeping the common touch, thanking people personally, walking the corridors to chat to people in cubicles rather than corner offices, having lunch at the cheap place rather than the place with the sixty-buck main course.

Big might be beautiful in Texas or in the porn industry but it’s generic in the world of business.


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