Power Play: Always assume people are smarter than you

Power Play: Always assume people are smarter than you

Power Players usually assume they are the dumbest player in the room. Why? It’s safer than thinking they’re the smartest.

If you take this basic premise as a starting point, you’re covered. Why do Power Players do this? Because it motivates them (forces them, actually) to make absolutely sure that they are prepared. More likely over-prepared. The added bonus is that it stops them from being arrogant and superior.

When it comes to talent, humility is a Power Player trademark move. Worrying whether you’re good enough makes you become good enough – usually great enough. The minute you enter a room thinking you’re top dog you can be assured the whole thing will get blown to high heaven.

Assume they’re smarter, and then you’ll be smarter.

The story

I was meeting with some really smart people who basically own the wedding industry, and I knew for sure I’d be the dumbest person in the room.

I studied for every possible question that might be asked. I got somebody who works in the industry to give me a crash course in all things bridal and wedding.

After the crash course I realised I knew even less than I thought. So I went back and studied some more.


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