Power play: Always say “good morning”

Don’t you hate it when people march into the office and launch into the day without saying a single polite word? It’s terribly rude. And alienating.

Power Players always say good morning. The work can wait for five minutes to allow for a “Good morning, how are you?” Power Players say it at every opportunity. In the elevator to strangers or at the café when ordering a double espresso.

It’s never inappropriate to salute someone with a cheery, heartfelt good morning. What happened to this simple courtesy?

For that matter, what happened to many of the simple courtesies we used to enjoy a generation ago? Letting someone merge into the traffic? Holding the elevator door open to allow a person who is running towards it get on? Helping someone carry a stack of papers, their jacket and their bag when they’re teetering on the edge of dropping it all? Grabbing somebody a sandwich when they’re swamped with work and can’t get away even for five minutes?

Powers Players always say good morning. And usually do the other things on this list too.



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