Power Play: The lost art of the grand gesture

Power Play: The lost art of the grand gesture

Power Players look for any opportunity to bring back the grand gesture: sheltering someone from the rain with their umbrella; taking off their jacket to warm a frozen colleague; taking the hit for a bad business decision to save a friend from something far worse.

In this era of caution and litigation, there are very few times we get to be grand. Power Players know that if an opportunity should present itself for grandness, they should grab it with both hands.

Some might think it’s over the top or a sign of old-fashioned chivalry in this time of political correctness, but Power Players see it for what it really is: a chance to show respect and be kind.

As the world keeps getting more serious and relationships become even more efficient, Power Players like those moments where people get to be human and show their feelings.

Not to win someone over, and not for some self-serving reason, but because it’s a nice thing to do for someone else.


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