Power Play: Anticipate. Interpret. Decide

Each day entrepreneur Rose Herceg presents a how-to power tip that challenges the typical Machiavellian theories of power. This is the Power Playbook: your quick-fix guide to influencing people – in a good way.

Great Power Players have that freaky gift of knowing how to anticipate. Before it’s said, before it’s done. Before it becomes a big, fat problem.

But it doesn’t stop there. They also know how to interpret (AKA reading between the lines).

Once they’ve got all the information, they then make concrete, accurate decisions.

Anticipate. Interpret. Decide. Three of the hardest words in business and three words most people can spend a lifetime and a career avoiding.

Anticipation is the greatest skill in business. In means you’re well prepped for whatever comes your way and while the other side is figuring out how to share the news, you’ve already decided what your response to that news will be.

When it comes to interpretation, Power Players know this is a tricky one.

Misinterpret and you’re in a whole world of pain. Get it right though and you’re reading someone’s mind.

As for making a decision, this part becomes much easier when all the information is in – and accurate. Watch how the Power Players you know, do it. How they anticipate, how they interpret and what they decide.


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