Power play: Ask for help and ask for it early

Power Players (within 10 seconds) know when they are out of their depth. This is at about the same time that they ask for help.

When you are out of your depth and you know that you will drown, ask for help. Don’t hide it, don’t hope it goes away, don’t wait for a 2am miracle – just ask for help.

Ask for it early and ask for it honestly. Don’t do a ‘don’t ask’ ask. Something that goes like: “If you’ve got some time I’d love you to put your eyes over this and tell me what you think.”

It should me more like “I could really use your help on this and would love it if we could write this document together. There are some holes in my knowledge and I need your expertise and skills.”

You’ll be amazed and what most Power Players already know is: people love to help when their skills are solicited respectfully and honestly.

Ask for help straight up. You’ll be amazed at how forthcoming this help will be.


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