Power Play: Ask for wisdom (from the right people)

Wisdom is a great word that carries great power. And Power Players seek the wisest of counsel when the need it most. Don’t fall for the bum steer.

When you’re seeking advice, make sure you go to the smartest and wisest people you know. Half the trick is working out which people you should seek out.

Here are three ways that Power Players do it: first they find the people whose counsel comes without some self-serving payoff, second they find someone who can actually keep a secret (!) and third they seek out people who lean naturally toward tolerance rather than judgement.

Power Players have at least two or three people they can turn to for wisdom. They let these people into their lives. And they ask for wise counsel when they need it most.

Find some of these people and you’ll be imitating one of the best Power Player moves there is.


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