Power Play: Be a heavenly creature in the workplace

It’s hard to be angelic – most of us know this only too well.

Even though most Power Players are not angels, at least not all of the time, they make sure they are on the side of the angels.

We all like knowing where the other people in our team stand, and looking at how good overcomes evil is usually a useful place to start.

Power Players understand the difference between right and wrong, and they don’t hide in the shadows when it comes to demonstrating that they know how important this distinction is. No grey areas here folks.

Rooting for the good guys comes with Power Player territory. Doing good, or at the very least cheering on the sidelines for good, is critical for any Power Player to uphold.

Don’t be the Power Player who turns a blind eye to somebody parking their car in the disabled space. That’s just evil.


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