Power Play: Be a romantic

Believing in romance and being a fan of the grand romantic gesture is a whole lot of hope in a seemingly hopeless world.

This Power Play isn’t about literal romance. It’s about believing that there can be a happy ending. There are ideas and opportunities and business deals that against all the odds and against all probabilities can actually work out perfectly.

The best Power Players I know are, at heart, hopeless romantics. They believe in fluffy white clouds, rainbows after a thunderstorm and perfect endings to complicated (and random) business opportunities.

When it comes to business, there’s no reason everything can’t proceed perfectly and turn out spectacularly. It can happen. It does happen.

Be a romantic. Believe in rainbows. Believe in happy endings. Power Players always make sure that a part of their soul always does.

And because they do, they somehow will a perfect ending to happen: proof that they were right to do so in the first place and enough evidence to do it again next time.


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