Power Play: Be an elitist

Power Players don’t apologise for having an elitist point of view. This shouldn’t be mistaken for snobbery or arrogance, but for a desire to hold true to the qualities in life that have (I think, sadly) become unpopular.

These qualities include deference to intellect, to scholarship, to striving for the very, very best a person can achieve.

The modern-day version of this is to be proud of being the nerd, because nerds don’t stop until they’ve done the best they can do.

Power Players have the healthiest description of elitism I’ve ever heard: that it’s good to be ambitious and that admiring great minds and great thinkers moves a society forward.

There are many people out there who ridicule big brains and big ideas. Power Players don’t belong in this category, thank God.

They embrace the readers, the seekers and the challengers: the people who love a good (respectful) argument. Exercise your mind. Reach for better. Power Players always do.


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