Power Play: Be great at description

Power Players are great at painting a mental picture. They love words and the best players use words that can unlock even the dullest of imaginations.

Fall in love with words and make them your greatest asset. It’s much easier to grease the wheels of business when you can conjure up your team’s or your client’s imagination.

The coolest Power Players don’t reach for the obvious ones. When they feel bent out of shape, they say they’re ‘discombobulated’. When they think someone’s is behaving strangely, they tell them they are ‘unglued’. When they think someone has made a weird call, they ask them if they’ve ‘eaten a plate of crazy’ for breakfast.

They have fun with words. They find new ones to use and they continuously expand their vocabulary. Follow the lead of the most entertaining Power Players. Be known for your fantastic descriptions.


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